Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Redwood pictures

Earlier today someone put up a diary on the Redwood parks of California. It was gone in a blur amidst the Palin bashing so I thought that I would share some of my shots from the region. A little respite from the bickering.
The Redwood State and National parks are home to some of the tallest species in the world.
tall tree top
Diverse dense growth from Mill Creek State Park
The view above Cresent City
Crescent vista
The Big Lagoon State Park near Orek shows some of the diversity of the park system.
Big Lagoon
The parks are home to the largest herd of Roosevelt elk in the nation the Davidson herd.
Elk by Orick
Patrick’s Point State Park offers a great Vantage for whale watching above Trinadad.
Trinidad view3
The Avenue of the Giants near Garberville.

The Vanduzen river and Grizzly Creek Park. Location for the filming of the Ewoks of Star Wars fame.

Tall trees and beautiful beaches abound. In the network of state count and national parks. Most parks have hiker biker campgrounds that accommodate ride or walkup campers. If you must come in a car I recommend a reservation.

A Dawn Redwood, once thought extinct this one is near Phillipsville on the Avenue of the Giants.

You can see more at the following locations.
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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

It would have been nice if the roadside by the big lagoon did not have the no parking signs - I'd have stayed longer. There are a lot of nice views of elk and birds. I pulled to the side for just a few minutes on my way from Tall Trees Grove last August.

Almost every redwood photo or video I have stems from this page here:

Largest Redwood Trees

The albums have little stuff and big stuff.