Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday in the dumps with Radmul

Have been busy with the housework and mundane tasks as well as body recovery the last few days, sorry for no new posts. When I feel like crap I just don’t do much in the way of creativity and tend to fall into a depressive rut. Plotting another trip south, debating whether or not to fight the crowds that will be at the music festivals that are upcoming in Benbow and Laytonville. In addition Don has been less able than usual so I don’t want to go off until he is getting around better. I think I will hit the beach Friday and clear out the cobwebs. Keeping the training up doing a minimum of 10 miles a day except for yesterday when I did laundry.
The other thing bumming me has been on the politics front. With the primary season over it has now become apparent that the media is in the tank for the corporations and the story is going to be that the dems are evil tax and spend flip floppers and that whatever talking points come from the right wing will be the story. We have the need for independent media in America but I have no Idea where it will come from. The internet should have been that source but it seems to be turning into an echo chamber . I read and comment on the Dailykos and the Huffington post as well as tripping thru the blogrolls on those sites and see a disturbing trend. These communities tolerate dissent about as much as the church. Try pointing out that Tim Russert is not a good journalist in the midst of his promotion to saint hood or that Keith Olbermann is a bit of a dick for attacking anyone that points out the sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton by the media and you are branded a troll or worse. I am way too far to the left to support Clinton but the mainstream treated her as a second class citizen as it tends to treat all women and I call bullshit when I see it. My problem with the Russert crap is that he knew the truth about the Plame lies coming from the White House and about the WMD crap VP Dickhead was selling but to protect his income and friendships he kept quiet and thousands of people are dead because of it. If you are complicit in the launching of an illegal war you are scum I don’t care if you were nice to your dad and kids. You are supposed to take care of your own kids so you get no points for that from me. The country is in trouble and as I have pointed out here and elsewhere I see no chance that we are willing to change. The democrats are not much better that the current scum running the country as they will continue to spend trillions on weapons and a pittance on education. They have already caved on universal healthcare and as I write this they are selling us out on immunity for the telecommunication industry for warrentless wiretaps.
A two star general has come out and stated that the president is a war criminal for torturing detainees but the media is spending its time talking about little girls that want to have babies. The desire to drill more holes and burn more carbon rather than change our consumer culture and conserve permeates the airwaves. This rant has gone on long enough so I will close and say to all, “good night and good fracking luck.”

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