Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Radmul Rounds a corner

I am resting up today and must confess I am in a huge amount of pain. 7 days, 200 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing have worn me out but that is a good thing. Last time I went north it only took 4 days to put me in the same condition so while I am not ready to hit the road for the east coast yet I am getting stronger each trip and seeing some spectacular scenery in the bargain. A lot of the time I spend buckling down to fight the wind or trying to pull the next hill but that is only a small part of the experience. Most of the time though I am cruising along listening to music or the sounds of the woods and wondering what will come up around the next corner. this trip was no exception as around the corner was an amazing sight. I had just pulled the first big hill of the day and was coasting down the other side. 1000ft plus so it qualified as a mountain but just barely. the morning had been gray and misty wet but coming down into Klamath the sun came out and I stopped for a massive hot chocolate at the Pew Mia fuel stop run by the Yurok tribe to warm up. With a few more miles I moved away from the river and back to the coast and a spectacular scene. The rocks and the beach with a pounding surf, blue water and blue sky with a few wisps of clouds racing across the sky in a driving wind. The mountains loomed with another 1400 foot climb up to Mill Creek with the coastal redwoods and old growth but I had to savor that spot on the beech. Even being right on the highway the ocean smell was overwhelming in this little cove. There must be one hell of an undertow based on how the 6 to 7 ft surf was pounding and I doubt if many folks have been foolish enough to swim at this lonely spot on the north coast. For those that never have the chance to see the pacific you have my sympathy and I hope this video can convey a bit of the energy I get from spots like this. Later in the trip I rounded a corner to find a small herd of Roosevelt Elk Bulls grazing and that video is in the post from June 10th. I have yet to plan the next trip, probably going to head south to the Napa Valley and the wine country, but wherever the road takes me I will look forward to what is around the next corner. Click the link above to see my first impression of the spot on youtube, here is the same spot on the way back.

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