Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Teusday blurb

Took a great ride today in the sunshine. Planning a trip south for later in the week maybe out hwy 36. Haven’t been out that way in about 5 years that would be fun.
I have once again wasted some time arguing against superstition in the bloggophere. I will continue to do so even though I know it is pointless. Just as I am arguing for Senator Obama to adopt the right position on every issue. Currently it is on the issue of FISA and warrantless wiretaps and gathering of emails for data mining. Once he promised to fight it he should keep his word. The thing that has kept Democrats from winning with many of what the media calls low information voters is the unwillingness to stand on principle. Not what the issue is, if they knew about issues they wouldn’t be in that group but once the meme that you are untrustworthy is out it is tough to put back in the bottle. The switch from advocating public financing to opting out has already damaged him so now playing politics with the 4th amendment makes him look like a liar, pragmatist means nothing to the undecided. They don’t know what it means and they do not believe in it.

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