Monday, December 10, 2007

The torture question

Today we are watching the mainstream media talking about the CIA destroying some tapes that were taken during some torture sessions. The debate is not about when we are going to bring these men into a court of law and prosecute them for crimes against humanity but about whom they told before they destroyed the evidence. In the weekend news cycle there was a story about a large cash award to settle a case in which 4 men were tortured to confess to a crime in Ohio. The reason these stories bother me so much is the lack of outrage. Bush stands up and says “we don’t torture” and all the while he has videotapes of us torturing. The lie is bad the cover up will be worse and the consequences will be disaster and the saddest thing of all was that it was apparently unnecessary. We feel bad when the wrong guy goes to prison and we ring our hands and give them a few dollars but the cops are coercing confessions everyday playing one poor man against another in a rigged system that allows the police to abuse people at their whim. We don’t like to admit that we are scared little sheep but would we allow such atrocities if we were not. We find out that members of congress were aware that we were roughing people up in questionable ways and they were pretty much ok with it. The Spin factory is trying to make this the story that Nancy Pelosi new and so that made it ok for the Whitehouse to lie about this. They have used this we briefed the gang of four so what we did was cool bull in the past and the moron democrats have let it go by. This time they may get out and point out what a bunch of crap it is but do not count on it.
In the end the coup has worked because of the war on terror. Once they got the long war freedom had lost and the truth could no longer win. We are never going to impeach with troops in the field. No matter how criminal they get we will not have the trial until the war is over and that is why the war will never end. Again I posit that the need is not there for all this subterfuge. It is in our nature to turn on the week when we get authority over them Millgram and Stanford prison showed that so you don’t even have to give the specific order. All you have to do is set up the situation and let nature do the dirty work presto changeo Abu Graib. In the end the problem is that we don’t care that a bad guy gets screwed even if it turns out he was not a bad guy. We hear all the right wing nutbags talk about 24 and how that shows America approves of torture and unfortunately they are right.

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