Friday, December 21, 2007

Solstice nonsense

The rain stopped so I got in some bike time today. It was bitter cold for us and the stamina is gone. I still feel bad but the neck swelling is going down. If the weather holds I will get back to serious training but the start date will be in the spring as I just can't handle the cold. This time of year I am always in a bad mood anyway but this year I am wondering how the drop in exercise is effecting me. I was doing so well and it is hard to know how much of my feeling bummed is from not getting the buzz from the ride. the combo of that and being sick and in pain as opposed to the time of year. It just wears on me to be bombarded with Holiday bullshit. The hypocrisy of the christ hits me at every turn and just pounds the fact that your life is not normal if you don't buy in to this buying. The news is bad on the freedom front as they are pepper spraying people that are trying to save their low income housing trying to out scum bag each other. the republicans just make things up as they go along and the democrats bend over for them. the strategy to try and work with the pigs and get a bigger majority in 08 seems like a disaster as the war is only horrible right now as opposed to titanic disaster and the news has moved on to something else. the tools of the corporate scum have got everyone thinking they will loose their job to a Mexican and that might work for the repugs.

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