Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prophet of doom sort of

The world will not end with a whimper or a bang but will simply collapse under the massive weight of bullshit that is heaped upon it. I am beginning to understand why so many people are willing to believe that they live in the end of days no matter when they were living. There have always been problems no matter when you lived. Most of the worlds history is about one strange group or another coming over the horizon and kicking ass and taking slaves. Today in north America and Europe we are pretty safe but that has only been true for a short period and it is still somewhat dependent on race and class as to how secure your fortunes truly are. All this being said I think we are boned to the scone for real this time and not because Jesus is coming.
The Internet is great for research but if you really want to blow your mind youtube cannot compete with the tube. I was watching democracy now on public access and they were showing Al Gore and the Nobel awards and IPCC scientists talking about the dire state of the climate. then the discussion turns to the Bali conference and the facts that things are far worse than we thought and the reductions that we were supposed to be making have not worked and emissions are growing faster than predicted. In the face of this evidence we have the Moron in Chief saying that we will never agree to any mandatory limit on pollution. This by now has become a buzz kill of the 9 nth order and Anna's cam show does not start for another 20 minutes and I am not ready to start work yet so I flip around the dial to cspan and what are they debating on the floor of the senate but the energy bill. Some Idiot republican is proposing an amendment to cut subsidies for renewable energy that was paltry to begin with to give the money to oil and gas companies.
It was then I knew we were living in the end of times. Not the biblical nonsense but the slow painful death of civilization. We are not going to going to solve this problem without a tremendous amount of suffering, death and misery. It has already started for the poor in Africa, The D. R. Congo, Darfur and Somalia are primarily conflicts caused by drought reducing useable land and millions are suffering horribly. We are fighting wars for oil now but soon we will be fighting for fresh water. The problem stems from the fact that by the time the proof for the green house effect becomes irrefutable to the dumbest segment of the populace it is way too late. I am of the opinion that it is already too late as by the time you get enough evidence together that all can agree on in anything you have by the nature of the thing watered down the extremes and moved to the middle predictions. As the evidence continues to come in it points to the fact that the chicken little doomsayers were actually optimists. The models now show that the melting of glaciers is ahead of predictions as is the melting of permafrost. As a result by the time we get to point that even the greediest republican can no longer deny it it is already game over and until we get to that point the system will keep change from happening. My head did not explode but the bullshit was pilling up as it is pilling up around the world

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