Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Down and Out.

The summer arrived up here on the coast. Mid 60’s for highs with some afternoon sun. Have been feeling pretty down with a flair of the IBS but still trying to get out and about. Level of fitness is horrible but I got the bike out on the 4th. Some pictures from the festivities. The 2nd amendment entertainment booth was the oddest new venders, shooting Zombie targets with a toy assault rifle. Posted some pictures from the Sandcastle festival on yfrog.

A friend has a sick pussy cat. It has a liver disorder that makes it not want to eat so she has to syringe feed Lexi. long story short the Vet bills have been huge so if you can help her out that would be cool.
Post has been edited to remove the chip in widget. Lexi is much improved and will not need the tube. Thanks for your support.

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Mina said...

Too kind darling xooxxoxo Thanks so much for the plug and I remain hopeful we will all get through this.:)

Mina xoxoxo