Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reality, it's a?

Having to re-evaluate my plan again. My health has become a bigger problem over the last month. I am dealing with a particularly bad flair up of my IBS. In addition there have been some changes in the landscape that make for some problems with the original plan. The state of California is closing a third of the state parks. This seems to be a national trend as budgets get cut in the recession. Long story short bike camping on a large scale is not going to work out for a while. The level of medication I am taking makes me too fuzzy to write much. That and when I feel crappy I am not at my most creative. I find that becoming a bitter old man has failed to improve my mediocre talents. I have stabilized my living situation but now I need a new idea as "Unky Herb" would say. In the interim here are some local folks enjoying life to a samba beat.

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