Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random thoughts on a Thursday

Feeling blah on another gray August day trying to write but having little success. Thought I would share some random thoughts on the issues of the week. Senator Obama has turned into "bend over Barry" never having met a principle he will not compromise. Now it is offshore drilling. It is clear he will be possibly be the worst Democratic president in my lifetime and I was around for LBJ. I say this because he will not support civil rights, He failed to support the 4th amendment in the FISA battle, he does not support the 8th amendment in that he supports a separate but equal civil unions system for the LGBT community. He already caved in on national health care before the election was even underway and now he will sell out the environment to the oil companies. He will hand millions more to the religious right in faith based bullshit so I guess he is unfamiliar with the first amendment as well. Kind of sad for a constitutional scholar 0 for 3. Bait and switch Barry might be better. If I thought it would do any good I would work for a third party as it appears Ralph is right there is not a dimes worth of difference between the corporate stooges. Yes McCain is still a tool not a top gun but the lesser of two weasels is still a fracking weasel. Yes I am a flaming liberal, Human rights includes women and gays, there is no good fucking war, there is no environmentally safe way to drill for oil in the ocean, and medical care is a human right not a profit making modality. Did I mention that I was in a crappy mood. I will leave you with a little George Carlin on the political process and selfish ignorant citizens and the state of hope.

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