Friday, June 20, 2014

Local Aural Culture

Local is the theme that flows through my work these days. Local agriculture produces food in a manner that reduces the effects of global warming as well as global capitalism. (Shipping cheep GMO crap food to the third world devastates their local farmers).
Higher local wages that Measure R will bring stimulates sale for local merchants and provide local jobs. Speaking of local jobs WTF? is up with the Camber of Commerce, a group paid for with local tax dollars hiring out of town bands to come here by bus and undermine the local working musicians?
The Fair Wage Folks know that the local pool of musical talent is deep, (look at some of the fair wage cafe posts) and to keep it that way let's spend some of those Tax Dollars locally.
Some photos from our preconcert concert. Thanks to Electric Bill and Sarah Torres for the Local Tunes.

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