Friday, January 10, 2014

Pay attention, you are about to.

Should have posted this when I wrote it.

The Law and Order types have been laying the ground work since the Sheriff submitted his request for funds and now the community of Eureka is going to experience the "Shock Doctrine" up close and personally. The drive to criminalize and incarcerate the poor will have a brand new talking point. If we had more cells this won't happen again. All we need to be safe is to build more cells. Never a thought about building a shelter run by the government to get people out of the cold, no a bigger Jail is their only answer.
It is a terrible thing when a member of the community is taken from us by violence. There has already been a great deal of wrong information released and speculation is running wild. Don't let the Tragic death of Father Freed be used to ram through any ill-conceived jail expansion.

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