Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching the Fair Wage Wave

Here in the far west we have cold water and some awe inspiring spots to ride the waves.

The folks here in Eureka California have been riding the wave for higher wages that began in 2012 in places like Long Beach and San Jose continuing through the fight for 15 that is rising across the land.


In 2013 the Eureka Fair Wage Act rode a wave of thousands of signatures on to the November 2014 ballot. “The Minimum Wage Ordinance” will create a two tier minimum wage with larger employers paying $12 an hour pegged to raise with the cost of living. The smaller employers, 24 or less will pay the state minimum going to $9 an hour this July and to $10 by 2016 in a bill already signed into law by our Governor in 2013.

In order to pass the Eureka Fair Wage Act, we need your support.
A group of fifteen hard-working people gathered 3,000 signatures to qualify the Ordinance for the ballot, and registered nearly 300 people to vote. We have hosted Fair Wage Cafes and the Big Box Bash, free events to build community and organize the people to improve everyone's lot in life. Many of you have generously donated your time, food, talents, and other resources, making those events collective and vibrant.

Now we are asking for your help to ensure that the Eureka Fair Wage Act passes in November. With the coming of the New Year, the campaign season begins in earnest. We will need your time and money.
It is amazing what we have accomplished operating on a shoestring budget. We filed, published, printed, popularized and gathered the signatures for the Eureka Fair Wage Act. Most of our funding came from everyday people putting a dollar or five in donation cans at our events, and we thank everyone who has kicked in. Now that we are a real “threat,” with the Eureka Fair Wage Act on the ballot, we anticipate Walmart and Target and other large employers to pour money into TV and print advertising, expensive propaganda to defeat the ballot initiative. We cannot hope to match their funding, but with your donations, our style of creative marketing, hard work, and the true experienced realities of poverty wages and disproportionate resources, working people will prevail.

With your help, we all will win in November and give our fellow Eureka workers a well deserved raise. Donate, Volunteer, and most importantly Vote “YES” on "The Minimum Wage Ordinance" on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014.

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