Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Minimum Wage Update from the Fair Wage Folks

A Minimum Wage Update from the Fair Wage Folks
a committee to pass the “Minimum Wage Ordinance” in Eureka

Some good news to report from local communities around the nation organizing to raise wages.
The people in Washington D. C. are going toe to toe with corporate greed. After Walmart pressured the Mayor to veto a raise in the Minimum wage that the city council passed the community is not taking no for an answer. The people in the district are starting an initiative drive for a $12.50 minimum wage for big box retailers. While the folks are doing the mayors job and raising wages they might as well vote in a new mayor at the same time.
The people in SeaTac Washington just became national leaders by passing a $15 an hour minimum for workers at the airport and other nearby businesses. From sea to shining sea labor is standing up and saying it is time to pay a fair wage for hard work.
In California our governor signed a bill raising the minimum wage in the state to $10 an hour by 2016. The fair Wage Folks say TOO LOW AND TOO SLOW. We are already too far behind to wait for 2016 to still be working at poverty levels.
The Fair Wage Folks have been busy here in Eureka as well. Spreading the message of improving our community through grass roots organizing. We have been holding Fair Wage Cafes at the Labor Temple and most recently at Highland Park. With the help of a lot of volunteer musicians, chefs, speakers and our tireless dishwasher Don we are building ties between neighbors and neighborhoods. Our next cafe is January 11th noon to 5 at the Labor Temple. We will be kicking of the new year with good friends,good music, nutritious food and new ideas to strengthen our community.

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