Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 years ago tomorrow, March 20th 2003 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by the united states. At a total cost of 6 trillion dollars and more than 125,000 murdered people in Iraq. The lies and deception of those that got us into that disaster are well documented. The profiteering and incompetence are writ large in a nation that has been segregated by sectarian violence in the wake of another in a long history of imperialist adventures that have left a stain on the conscience of our people. I would like to ask all of those people here tonight and watching at home to spend just a small part of tomorrow thinking about the consequences of allowing liars and war criminals to escape justice. About the consequences of bigotry, by valuing the lives of people of other nations as lesser beings because they have a different skin color or follow a different religion we devalue all life. I was a young man during the Vietnam war when people took to the streets in huge numbers to stop madness of Imperialism. It saddens me that we forgot that tragedy in a single generation. 50 people were killed in bombings just yesterday in Iraq. I would hope that we can learn from this absolute failure as a people to stop bombing first and never asking questions.

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