Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Minutes Then STFU

The Board of Supervisors is still trying to take away civil rights in Humboldt County. They passed an ordinance to restrict freedom of speech and of assembly. They got laughed out of court by a jury when they tried to prosecute people for violating it. Ever since they have been trying to dig out from the hole they find themselves in. Today they enlisted the help of the Human Rights commission to try and justify their ignoring basic civics. If there are 3 doors to a building and I am standing in front of 1 of them I am never going to be impeding your entering the building. The medium is the message. The way I choose to express my free speech is in and of itself free speech. Below the photo are my remarks.

"I think it is a very bad idea to let people that have proven themselves to be incompetent to mess around with the most important documents in our society. Humboldt county has the highest poverty rate and shortest life expectancy in California. So the good news is your shitty little life will be short."

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