Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Pill Makes You...

Some of you may remember me mentioning a J or two in my writings. It is a common initial and I know many, hell I am one myself. I met this J down the rabbit hole, a chair at the Madhatter’s Tea prepared in perpetuity. It is scary the talk going around since the Newton school shooting of making adjustments to provide more seats at said table as long as they are permanent. That was the counter argument to gun control on some of the chattering class circle jerks. That and giving the teachers guns so they can shoot back.

I will leave the gun control for the time being. I am conflicted about it anyway. I certainly don’t want a world where only the piggy on the corner gets to have guns. And getting rid of high volume delivery devices and military style weapons will probably take too long to work for our vapid little culture. Perhaps this is a turning point moment. When the folks at home see the dog actually being set on the grandmother in her Sunday go to meetin clothes by the State Trooper it can sometimes never be unseen. I have little faith in my fellow man. I have even less in our current crop of leaders.

Getting back to the rooms of rubber. I should not make light of the plight, as part of the problem is that we end up isolating those that need help with bad jokes and poor understanding. My friend is a bit outside the middle of the curve but far from either tail. When told a certain way any of our tales can come across as “crazy.” When they say wanting to go home is a sign of sickness anyone can be branded ill. My friend’s crime was getting on the wrong bus and making the mistake of calling the system. Before anyone starts talking about locking people up to save the children let us look at what happens to real people in that system.

Locked away for months I met J when someone from the Human rights commission dropped another friends name and she came to a place I help out now and again. Let that sink in, the Human Rights Commission could do nothing to help someone being deprived of their basic human right to live free. No right to refuse to take a shot you hate that makes you feel sick. No right to live with your spouse.

We did some research and went to the spot she lived, like so many in Humboldt County uniquely beautiful and took some pictures. Talked with some folks and ruffled some feathers. That was unintentional and the party in question was a bit over sensitive but in the end our friend went home and is out from under the thumb of the crazy police. All it cost her was 4 months of her life.

I am convinced that without some outside agitators J would still be locked away. Before we go off the deep end locking people up remember that fragile hold we have on freedom.

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