Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Days Of Action

I took part in the National Days of Action Against Police Brutality and the Criminalization of a Generation.

We began at Sunrise on Monday by remembering those killed by the police here in the county of Humboldt. It was shocking to see how many graves the fascists have filled.

We gathered at the Gazebo in Old Town. Food, Music and fellowship followed. Baked blue potatoes and broccoli were on the menu in the rain.

The rain intensified and so did our resolve.

We moved in the rain to EPD and Angie told the bastards what we thought of them.

From there we marched on city hall and I ran my big mouth for a bit.

In Eureka we marched to Cesar Chavez park to have a meal and dry off a bit under a huge tarp our comrade Jack rigged up. We lit candles and feasted. We sang to our favorite "Granny". Martha celebrated her birthday with us with a delicious vegan cake.

In Eureka we call it the days of action and march through the city to remember Chris Burgess, a young man shot down by the EPD on the 23rd of October. In the morning we served breakfast at city hall.

We ended our Action with a little food at Highland Park and parted with this chant.

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