Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The time has come for a Fair Wage

After a 30 year assault on the working class it is time to look in a new direction. Working people are seeing their wages fall while those at the top see record pay and bonuses. Schools are closing and the roads aren't repaired while taxes on the highest earners are slashed. We tax labor at twice the rate we tax the idle rich. The wealthy bankers and financial sectors were propped up with 27 trillion dollars in no interest loans from the discount window at the Federal Reserve while the government is cutting nutritional programs for pregnant women and children. Poverty is on the increase in America while the wealth of the nation is concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.

As a community we have the opportunity to challenge that trend. To say enough of your disproven trickle down nonsense. We are a community that respects the value of labor. We respect the dignity of working people and reject the idea that a person working full time can still live in poverty. The national election will be upon us soon giving us the choice between failed trickle down economics on the right and grand bargain austerity on the left. We working for the Eureka Fair Wage Act are saying that is a false choice.

Corporate profits are at record highs. We are going to require that some of those profits be put back into the community as wages for the working people. Our region has a sad economic history built on the extraction of resources, Fish, Timber and even our water leaving a legacy of boom and bust. Now the Walmarts of the world are here to extract the last remaining resource,cash from our region leaving a legacy of shuttered shops along our main street.

If you would like to join this community movement we meet Tuesdays at the Labor Temple on 8th street at 6:15. or more information is available here.

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