Monday, April 16, 2012

PreRant for tax day

The Day before Tax Day and I am working on some remarks to fire up the crowd before we march on the banks. Here is what I am thinking.
We are here today to talk about equity in the tax system but what we need to fix those inequities is to create an equitable value system. The fact that we tax labor at roughly twice the rate that we tax the manipulation of money is egregious but the fact that we would kill a million people to avoid riding the bus speaks to the level of moral bankruptcy in imperial America that we refuse to face. We justify these killings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, all of Africa and Latin America by spreading fear. Fear that we will lose our way of life, the American dream. If this is going to be our way of life the sooner it is lost the better. The far right wants a so called “Fair Tax” but they exclude financial instruments from their national sales tax, the very items the rich buy. We have seen the failure of supply side economics and capitalism to meet the needs of society yet both political parties champion the same old shit. We use the tax code to bribe the citizenry rather then create a society that values what is important. We are convinced that we need to hoard resources in a time of abundance. We convince the old to fear the young, the white to fear people of color and the middle class to fear the poor while we live in the greatest time of abundance in human history. The 1% strives to have more even when they don’t know what that more is rather then ensuring that there is enough for everyone out of fear. We create a corrupt system that profits from war on the poor. We steal the resources of poor nations to build bombs to steal the resources of other poor peoples in lands we can’t even name. We tax the poor to build prisons to lock their children in while we allow the local school to close in the name of austerity. We allow houses to rot rather than allow any Bankster to lose a penny and people can’t sleep on the street because it will lower the property values. It doesn’t matter what the name on the door is or whether it has a D or an R after it. As long as they are selling us the same notion of exploitation and endless growth we will not solve what is crippling our future.

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