Monday, August 17, 2009


We had both Woofstock and A concert on the square for local treats this weekend. I opted for Moogot2 over the puppies. I was not disappointed here is a little video.

I am a little young for Woodstock but the idea of Woodstock has always been much larger than the event. Time passes the idea of peace and justice fades and you have the corporate state that we live in today. We are back to the greatest wealth disparity in America since the gilded age. Woodstock being the mid point in time. The promise never materialized and the world has remained cold and dark for most of its' billions of inhabitants. The same people that screamed at the antiwar protesters now scream at the health-care reformers. The question is will we follow the Reagan retreads bullshit or will wetry another way? So far I am not encouraged.

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