Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

Have been trying to get back into training and have done a couple of long rides. Want to ride the "Tour of The Unknown Coast" next month. Rode by some of Sarah Palin's "Real Americans" at a Tea Bagging party in Eureka. They were some of the same faces I saw at rally's for the District Attorney recall that was defeated a few years back. They had no answer as to why they were protesting now when they were getting a tax cut. Why had they been silent as Raygun and Shrub bankrupted the country with 10 trillion dollars worth of debt? Their reply was that they were conservatives and that Bush wasn't a conservative. I laughed in their faces, I know that is rude but I meet ignorance with contempt. I am posting a little video that I had put up as an Ireport at cnn. They had tech problems and that ended up skewing the story. I think these folks are for the most part frustrated with their inability to win the election. Because they are conditioned to believe the irrational by their church they think they are right. the abject failure of their policies doesn't phase them in the least as they are fact averse.

The turnout was about the same in the sun as the Peace march brought out in the Hailstorm. In Arcata, not so much.

I was unhappy that only the Arcata flick made it up on Cnn and I felt that spun the story inappropriately. Here I express my opinions but when I put things up as news I try to be factual.

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