Sunday, October 12, 2008

The End is Neigh

I see a disturbing trend in the making as I bounce around the bloggosphere today. The rebirth of superstition as refuge for the fearful. I would speculate that it was ever thus throughout history. In uncertain times the less educated or less thoughtful take comfort in the simplicity of religion. As I have concluded that religion is a con I get nothing from it and find it unnerving that even the ignorant among us do. The concept that there is a god and he has a plan scares the crap out of me if this is the manner that he chooses to implement it. When one watches the folks arriving at a McCain /Palin event and listen to the hate and fear that they exude I find it disturbing. These are the very people that will get down on their knees and fork the sign of the evil eye or cross themselves or whatever genuflect move they make. It is not just autochthonous to the land of the redneck but seems to permeate the nation as a whole.
What does this say about us as a people? For me it means that we want to be deceived, we desire the lie regardless of the consequences. We are simply not interested in reality if it doesn’t fit what we already believe. Am I immune from this desire based reality, I think not. The more I learn the less I seem to know and that gives way to a desire for simplicity. I wonder if that is why the physicists believe so strongly in the unified theory being possible. The existence of a single unified theory explaining the forces that rule the universe has a mysterious appeal akin to the existence of a supreme being.
The religious nuts are preaching republicans from the pulpit in violation of the law and nothing is done. The folks at health and human services try to redefine birth control as abortion and nothing is done. We have our presidential candidates go to some “Faith Based” crap fest as knee walking supplicants and people are not outraged.
The economic meltdown we are experiencing is the result of one thing, fraud. We are conditioned by the peddlers of god to accept fraud as fact, that makes the world a worse place and we accept it. As long as we live in a faith based society we cannot fix the problems that will in the end cause us all to suffer. As a people we love the idea of , “American exceptionalism”. We want to think we are destined from god to rule the world. For me whenever I hear the wing nuts talk about, “the shinning city on the hill” I want to scream duck brown people the shit storm is coming at you.
The world might become a brutish selfish place without the stupidest believing that they are being watched and judged. It is my opinion that it already is. If we stop praying and start doing we can solve most of the problems that face us as a society but when you think god has a plan you never seem to take the first steps.

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